Online Marketing, SEO and Social Marketing Requires Expertise, a Team and a Company to Succeed

A quick search on Google for ‘Social Marketing’ returns 859 MILLION (859,000,000) results because every unemployed, fired or lazy person who calls themselves a ‘Social Media Marketing Expert’ has a social networking page.  Social Marketing CANNOT be done by an unemployed person working from home, by a college intern or by anyone at the office.  The entire basis of ‘Social Networking’ is multiple connections over multiple interfaces by multiple people – it cannot and will not work with 1 or 2 people ‘posting’ about your company, product or service online.

When we first started marketing using Social Networks in 2008 we recognized the value in using social networks as a method of expanding reach online.  Years later there are hundreds of millions of people attempting to use ‘Social Marketing’ as a job title although there is no such job.  Social Marketing is simply a part of an overall Online Marketing strategy and only works as part of that strategy.  If a company hires someone to do ‘social marketing’ but does not have an effective website, a wide spread national network to interact, promote and create the ‘buzz’ required.

The way search engines interpret social networking data, posts, pages and profiles is the key.  A Facebook business page or profile that has posts and only a small amount of interaction has no value at all.  This means no search engine lists the information and nobody on the social network saw it except you and the person who posted it.  There are literally hundreds of thousands of companies being ripped off every day by dishonest incompetent people claiming to ‘Do Social Marketing’.  A great example of this is a local company (we blocked out the name to protect the company) who hired an unemployed x-convict who has a Social Butterfly Marketing Facebook Page and Blog claiming to ‘Do Social Marketing’.

She created a Google+ page and a Facebook page and posts photos of the business owner every few days and even a logo or an address once or twice.  This has ZERO benefit for the company, there has not been a single interaction, never and thus nobody saw any of this except the lady posting it from home.

Another thing to watch out for with the ‘work from home’ social marketing is that they have nothing to lose, no business to take to court, no reputation at risk and no standards of conduct.  If you hire one of the ‘work from home’ unemployed ‘social marketers’ and then choose to terminate services they  may choose to steal all of your accounts, spread lies and false information about your business and use what little skill they have to harass you.  No legitimate company or professional would ever do such a thing so do your research and look at EVERYTHING the people have posted and make sure they have a solid business reputation with an office, staff and other professionals to support you.
Your grandmother can setup Facebook and so can every high school kid or unemployed convict in America so make a choice in QUALITY and select a business with multiple experts, customer service and a reputation to uphold.  Contact Internet Builder Consulting or Social Marketing Builders for an social networking setup, training, social marketing or an expert consultation by our teams of experts and a business with 18 years of continued success at 816-842-7774 from 8AM to 8PM

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