NBC News Story on Google Glass Developers & Expert Robert Dotcom Jackson

NBC News spent the day with Robert Dotcom Jackson and www.InternetBuilderConsulting.com for a story on the innovative new Google Glass (glasses) to gain an insight to the technology, interaction and features.  Part of the day long interview is on the NBC News site YouTube account here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQDvaXvVE3Q

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>Android Mobile OS has 54% of Smart Phone Usage

>In the first quarter of 2011 devices running the Android mobile OS had 54% of the total mobile market impressions.  Google Android had twice as many impressions as the second place Apple iOS (iPhone Operating System) with 26% followed by RIM Blackberry at 17%. 

Windows Mobile OS phones ranked significantly lower tied with the Symbian  and Other category at 1%.

The latest numbers continue to illustrate the tremendous gains Android made in the market strengthening it’s place as the leading mobile OS.  It is important to track mobile OS usage to ensure online marketing, PPC  and your mobile website are optimized for the widest audience (Android, iOS and RIM). 

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>Google Android is the Top New Smartphone Platform Mobile Applications

>The Google Android smartphone platform has surpasses the iPhone and all other smartphone platforms such as Windows Mobile, PALM and Symbian in little more than 1 year.  Growth rates are expected to continue with 29% of the application developers planning on development for Android compared to only 8% developing for the iPhone. 

RIM Blackberry still holds the top percentage of overall users with a 12 year head start on the Android platform.  Numbers from the latest Nielson report show 28% of users planning on upgrading to a smartphone are likely to select Android while only 13% prefer the RIM Blackberry.  The demand for Android applications and significant growth in user base is something website developers need to address for mobile websites and smartphone use.  Internet Builder Consulting mobile websites are 100% Android compatible making them future-ready for any customer planning on reaching the significant number of mobile users.
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