How to Connect Facebook to Twitter for Automatic ‘Tweets’ from Facebook Posts on Profiles and Pages

Managing social networks is time consuming so it’s important to automate as much as you can based around where you are most comfortable.  If you use Facebook and have a Profile or Page for your company, product or service there is a fast, easy way to connect Facebook to Twitter so that whatever you post on Facebook will automatically be fed to your Twitter account.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account, go to and you will see every page and profile you manage with an option to ‘Link to Twitter’.


Step 2: Selecting the Link to Twitter option requires you to login to the Twitter account you wish to automatically publish Facebook posts to and then authorize the account access.

Step 3: Once you have authorized Facebook to post to your Twitter account you will be returned to Facebook to select which types of updates you want automatically posted to Twitter.

Once you have completed everything the Facebook Link to Twitter system will automatically reformat any post with a short URL that will link users to the Facebook post whenever it may be longer than the 144 characters Twitter permits.

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Do What is Right in Business, Give Back

The last few years have been tough for many Americans and tougher for many of the builders and real estate professionals we have the pleasure of working with.  When I founded my company in 1995 I named it Builder Consulting because we were building computers, networks and websites while providing computer and Internet consulting.  I knew many people in the real estate industry so naturally that was a strong part of the business with many of the builders taking my word that this whole ‘Internet Thing’ was going to be BIG.My little ‘hobby’ business went from an extra bedroom at my house to a Main Street office with clients worldwide because of the customers.  When customers started calling and stating they could no longer pay for website hosting, updates or marketing we had a choice to make.  I met with our accounting staff and told them if the customer is legitimately unable to pay and having trouble then Internet Builder Consulting was going to pay it for them and help keep them in business.

My accountant told me it was a bad idea, my office manager actually fought with me about it (she is no longer with the company) but my heart said that we help people when they need it rather than hurt.  These were the people and companies that helped us succeed and the last thing we needed to do was take down their websites so no customers could find them and no leads would come in.  The decision was bad for ‘business’ costing nearly $25,000 in services we paid for customers in the first year alone but I believe it is the way business should operate.  Business should not be just about money, making more and taking more from people – it should be about helping and making things better.

Some of the customers were literally shocked when I called them back to let them know we would be paying for their services until they got back on their feet.  Wallen Builders was a successful New Mexico builder/developer that called to say they were having financial troubles and could not pay to complete the new website.  I called them back and told them we would finish the website, host it and market it for the rest of the year at no charge to help.  Unfortunately it was not enough and they closed the following year but the marketing director, Gia Tidle  let us know that what we did helped them survive and pay their staff a few months longer.

Gary Bringus of Heartland Homes spent his last marketing money with another ‘builder design’ firm who took his money and never produced a website for him.  When he contacted us and asked for help we designed and built him a new website for 1/2 of what we normally charge.  Heartland Homes built some beautiful custom homes throughout Kansas City until the market crash and medical issues nearly closed the business.  In 2010 Heartland Homes made the call to turn off the website and save every penny they could to pay medical bills from nearly a year Gary spent in the hospital.

Rather than turning off the website we looked at the situation and agreed to pay for the services until he was back on his feet and business was stable.  After a few years of paying for customers websites, hosting and marketing it did add up to a significant amount of money that was causing occasional cash flow issues for Internet Builder Consulting so I choose to pay it out of my own pocket.  The last few years I have paid myself around $15,000 a year as the CEO of one of the top Website, SEO and Social Marketing firms in the country.  It’s was easier than I expected to go from making $175,000+ a year to what is considered poverty but I did it and I live a happy full life not needing anything.

Business is not about how much money you make, it is about how many people and companies you are able to help.  Internet Builder Consulting has been recognized as The Best Place to Work in Kansas City 4 times now and we have a happy team of the top experts in the country who do what they love and take care of customers.  Since 1995 I have never worried about the money, there were been several start-ups I was involved with that brought in more money than I ever thought I could spend.  Money has never been my goal, being the best at what we do, knowing the Internet, Search Engines, social networks inside and out and actually watching the people we work with succeed because of what we did for them is what drives me.

I had to make some adjustments in life to take a zillion percent pay-cut but it made things much simpler and more manageable.  Until things are better and the people who helped us grow the business from a side hobby to one of the top website, SEO and Social Marketing firms in the country are back on their feet I will continue to pay.  There is always another day and another dollar but there may not always be another chance to help a company or a friend stay in business when times are tough!

If you believe in what you do, the people around you and doing what is right than putting your money where your heart is makes sense.

Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson

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An Analysis of Facebook Promotion and Marketing

Over the past few months since Facebook released the ‘Promote’ option for posts we have been studying it. The option is a one-click ‘Promote’ this link listed on each post for a simple $7 fee to ‘expand’ the post into a wider audience.  In terms of marketing this seems like a no-brainer since anyone can post an ad, article, news or information and reach more people without having to setup a pay per click account.  Initially the fee was $5 but once it proved to be a success the fee was raised to $7.

When anyone makes an update on a ‘Page’ or ‘Profile’ the option will show on the lower right side to ‘Promote’ this post with an estimated reach listed. We used this option to ‘Promote’ several posts from August 2012 to February 2013 and tracked the results.  Using Google Analytics, each post was tracked by the number of views and referrers it received naturally versus the ‘Promote’ option.

We expected the ‘Promote’ option to deliver a significantly higher return but were surprised when it was nearly the same as a regular post nearly every single time.  The ‘Promote’ option was used on the example below showed 331 views on the first ‘Promoted’ post while the second post had 296 views without any paid promotion.  There was a significant spike in views every time a post was shared on Facebook but the difference between a paid post and a normal one was usually around 10%.

The next thing we tried was posting the same link and information on other social networks such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.  The Twitter post has no noticeable difference in traffic over a normal day similar to a post made on Google+.  The LinkedIn post, without promotion had a significant spike in traffic as you can see in the chart below showing the 3 times a post was made on LinkedIn.  The increase in visits from LinkedIn were significant but only 10% of the total traffic delivered from Facebook on either a paid or normal post.
The idea of paid promotion or ‘Pay Per Click’ on Facebook may seem like an easy way to reach a wider audience but the results show it has no real value…yet.  In an earlier article I wrote about Facebook Pay Per Click (PPC) options we tested last year.  The PPC marketing on Facebook produced zero results over a 12 month study using multiple accounts.  If a company is looking for ‘Branding’ alone then Facebook PPC ads are a viable option but there are too many problems with the tracking, click fraud and service to be effective for most users today.  If your company needs a BETTER Website, SEO or Social Marketing be sure to contact the experts at Internet Builder Consulting and let us know how we can help!
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Social Networking to Reach 38 BILLION by 2015

Combined advertising and promotional spending for Social Networking will hit $38 billion by 2015, roughly 440% more than the $7 billion projected for 2010, according to a new white paper from Borrell Associates.

Social Networking Promotion Spending to Grow 380%
Breaking the combined social network marketing spending stream into advertising and promotional streams, “The Social Networking Explosion: Ad Revenue Outlook” projects that $5 billion of total $7 billion (about 71%) social network marketing spending in 2010 will consist of promotional expenditures.

From 2010 to 2015, social network promotional spending will grow about 380%. In 2011, it will grow 40% to $7 billion, and then slow down to about 14% growth in 2012, totaling $8 billion, However, social network promotional spending will then double to $16 billion in 2013, and continue rapid growth the next year, increasing 31% to $21 billion before slowing again with 12.5% growth to $24 billion in 2015.

Social Networking Advertising Spending will Grow 600%
Although Borrell data shows social network advertising spending will remain at lower levels than promotional spending through the next five years, the total growth rate will be an even higher 600%.  In 2011, social network ad spending will grow 200%, from $2 billion to $6 billion, putting it on close to an even keel with promotional spending.

Ad spending will remain close to promotional spending in 2012, rising almost 17% to $7 billion.  In 2013, ad spending will once again lag behind promotional spending, growing a very healthy 43% to $10 billion. Growth will then continue at a still impressive 20% pace to $12 billion in 2014 and 17% pace to $14 billion in 2015.

Consumers are Fueling Social Network Marketing Spending Growth
Borrell analysis indicates the rapidly growing marketing spend in social networking is fueled by wildly climbing consumer use of social networking services. The paper cites data from comScore which says Facebook alone had more than 100 million unique visitors in the US last December, out of 400 million registered users worldwide.

The average Facebook visitor came to the site 27 times during that month, almost once a day. As of the end of 2009, one hour in every nine spent online was spent on a social network site. More than two-thirds of the nation’s largest businesses recruit new employees through social networks, and 13% more plan to start this year.

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Young Adults Spend More Time on Internet than All other Media

American young adults spend more time online than consuming other forms of media, according to [pdf] a new study from Edison Research.

Web Time Doubles Radio Time
“Radio’s Future II: The 2010 American Youth Study” indicates that during an average day, Americans age 12-24 spend two hours and 52 minutes on the internet, making the web the media format American young adults spend the most time consuming. Television closely follows with a daily average of two hours and 47 minutes.

Listening to the radio came in a distant third with a one hour and 24 minute daily average. With a daily average of one hour and 10 minutes, video games closely trailed radio, followed by talking on the telephone (one hour and four minutes). Time spent reading magazines and newspapers is negligible.

Radio Time Once almost Tripled Web Time
Media consumption habits among American young adults have changed dramatically since 2000. The study indicates that during an average day in 2000, Americans age 12-24 spent two hours and 43 minutes listening to the radio, the highest amount of time spent consuming any media listed and almost double the time they spend with radio today. Television followed closely behind at two hours and 37 minutes, similar to its current result.

Talking on the telephone came in a distant third at one hour and 44 minutes, slightly more popular than today. The internet only accounted for 59 minutes of an average day, meaning American young adults spent close to three times as much time consuming radio as they did consuming the internet.
In somewhat of a surprise, video games only accounted for 42 minutes of an average day, while reading magazines and newspapers had expectantly low time totals.

Internet Has Highest Percentage Spending More Time
Unsurprisingly considering results of the previous questions, the internet ranked as the media format with the highest percentage of American young adults saying they are spending more time consuming it today than one year ago (48%). Telephone followed distantly with 28% consuming it more today, in turn followed unexpectedly by radio (27%). Going to the movies was the only media format that 20% or more of American young adults said they are consuming more today than one year ago (20%).

The trend for all media usage continues to show Internet (including websites, search engines and Social Networking) growing at a faster pace than any other media in history.  It took nearly 20 years for television to reach the same market penetration as the Internet did in less than 3 years.

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Tweeting for Business & Other Social Media Marketing

There has been a tremendous amount of hype the past few months about social networking, Twitter, Facebook, and dozens of other websites designed to connect socially.  One primary item lacking is a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to determine if the social marketing is a fad or truly valuable to a business.  In terms of the messages being shared they range from “I am selling something” or “I am writing an agreement” to perfectly valid news and information about business, websites, marketing and life. 

Next there are the groups of people working together who all connect with you and share the SAME message at the same time bombarding people with an endless ongoing stream of Tweets and Facebook updates and annoyances.  The people and companies using social media marketing to just throw anything up and hope it helps are doomed to fail.  Nobody wants to be sent the same message from 10 different people within 20 seconds; never have your entire company or marketing agency send the same message out within any short time.  If there is a valid observation, business idea, success story (not that you are writing a contract, that is narcissistic and not going to impress anyone) then be sure to Tweet away.

Consider posting ideas that improve the lives or business for customers and friends.  If you have a business and personal account try to keep them somewhat separate; it is ok to be friends with clients but not ok to bombard either with inappropriate photos or messages.  A friend in the computer industry recently published his Facebook profile and connected with numerous clients and new prospects online only to realize later he has place ‘I LIKE BEER AND WOMEN’ as the only interest listed in his profile.  It was an oversight where he was being sarcastic rushing through the profile setup but it came across as unprofessional, he changed it. 

No Matter What…restrain the urge to post or publish junk or useless information or things that do not apply to your target audience or company just because you have nothing else to share.  There are days that need no social media marketing, it is better to share pertinent interesting information that people will read than to just post something to say you did.  Twitter is great for entertainment and shopping, there are MILLIONS of people following actors and public figures who share all types of random thoughts from bathroom breaks to drinking coffee that some people apparently find interesting.  Rather than posting similar items without any potential for ROI consider linking social networking accounts so they all update at the same time.

Cross linking the accounts permits the sharing of valid interesting information (and some junk, we all do it) without spending every day logging into dozens of websites trying to remember username or password hoping someone might find what you shared worth reading.  Since I setup and began to actively post valid information I have had two new legitimate (paying) business customers come from Facebook.  Checking the hundreds of followers on Twitter I noticed most of my x-girlfriends, a few people I fired, some other local website companies hoping they might learn how to get a website listed on search engines and dozens of other people I am sure will become stalkers in the near future…no paying customers yet but what the heck it’s free!

Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson – Building Social Media for Business – Building Better Websites & Internet Solutions since 1995

Building Better Social Media Networking, Marketing, Blogs & Websites

Nearly 33% of active Internet users utilizing social networking sites every day,* social media sites are your greatest strategic asset to attract new customers and build brand awareness and instantly communicate a message to clients worldwide.
The time required for small- and mid-sized businesses to create and maintain just one social network profile (experts say about 32 hours per month), launching and nurturing a complete campaign that brings success across multiple channels is a challenge.
Builder Social Media builds strategic, comprehensive social media solutions so you can focus on your core competencies while we focus on ours – building effective, affordable, and on target social media campaigns to maximize your marketing ROI while saving you time and money.
The average in-house social media expert costs $84,000/year, including salary, benefits and taxes, our solutions save you 90% and more than 13,000 hours per year while delivering the same results.
Want better results? Go beyond the profile.
Anyone with an Internet connection can set up a profile on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Plaxo, Blogger, Activerain or Fast Pitch but there are specific methods that are more effective and Builder Social Media knows how.
If you want it done right, partner with Builder Social Media
Builder Social Media will build your Social Media Marketing working with your team to deliver the right conversations and captivate your audiences while saving you time and money, protecting your brand, and maximizing your marketing investment. With time-saving, affordable social networking solutions from Builder Social Media, there’s no reason to miss out on these tremendous new business opportunities that can:
• Establish, build, and maintain quality customer relationships
• Position you as an industry leader and a Subject Matter Expert in your field
• Create high-quality back links to your website to boost your Search Engine ranking efforts
• Protect your online reputation and brand. We can reserve your name on the top social networks before your competitors do it for you.

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