Google Requires Mobile Friendly Websites to Rank Higher in Search Engine Search Results

As of Tuesday April 21st 2015 Google is going to rank websites built ‘mobile friendly’ structure outlined by Google in April 2014 higher for online shoppers.  This means that if you have an older website (usually more than 2 years old) that is not built to the new Google standards then you will start to slip down in search engine search results as other mobile friendly websites rank higher.

Google SEO
Google SEO

Google announced online: “Today’s the day we begin globally rolling out our mobile-friendly update,” Google said in a blog post Tuesday. “Now searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.”

This change is due to the fact that nearly 60% of all online traffic starts on mobile devices and 46% of actual buyers are using mobile devices.  Google has the clout and power to significantly affect the success or failure of companies who rely on traffic from search engines.  For years we have been explaining to client’s that Google products such as Blogger are preferred to competing software such as WordPress or the value of Google+ for online marketing.  This was clearly illustrated by the European Union filing against Google for ranking Google owned products and tools above competitors.

The best move for your business is to start work on a new website built in the Google friendly structure so you can reach more buyers and sell more online.  Even the best websites have to be rebuilt and redesigned at some point.  Utilize the content, images, look/feel of your current website for consistent branding while having a new custom website built to keep on top of Google search results.  If you would like a no-cost expert consultation on getting your website Google-friendly to remain in front of the competition contact the Internet Experts at or connect with us on Facebook for tips, tools and expert examples of success.

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Social Networking, Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Misconceptions & Myths

The largest misconceptions for Social Marketing and SEO are widely accepted, incorrectly, in terms of how marketers and the end users see social networking. 
1.       More Likes Means More Business – a ‘Like’ or the number of likes on a business page has nothing to do with sales nor are all ‘likes’ created equal.  It is simple to create several hundred to thousands of ‘likes’ on a page yet without ongoing interaction, ‘shares’ of the content posted on the page and a strong call to action that leads to a website visit or a phone call, the likes are worthless.  The strength of a page on a social network is within the INTERACTIONS not the number of likes.

2.       Social Media Marketing is FREE or EASY – technically it is free to setup a profile and account on most of the major social networking sites but successfully optimizing and utilizing those accounts for marketing is not.  To be successful a BUSINESS profile needs to be setup, a business PAGE needs to be setup and properly names, links to other social networking feeds and then managed with a balance of MARKETING, INFORMATION, engaging content (questions, ideas, things that will bring people to provide feedback, comments and share what is posted with their friends) and the social networks need to be constantly updated.  This requires time, expertise and skill to create, market, manage, monitor and track the results. 

3.       If I don’t use a social network it is not important for me to market there – WRONG, there are plenty of people who do not use Facebook on a regular basis or have never been on Twitter but the fact remains that over 800 MILLION potential buyers are at every day.  Social Media Marketing is about utilizing ALL of the top social networking channels to reach all potential buyers, brand your business, product or service and control your online reputation.
4.       If You Post it They Will Come – this has been a fallacy of online marketing for years since the same applies with Websites in terms of ‘If You Build it They Will Come”.  If a social networking account, page or site is not setup properly, linked to other accounts, engaging, informative, interactive, humorous and managed properly it will not produce results.  Once an account and page is setup properly it takes time for success, consider it ‘multi level marketing’ where you start out with one user who connects to another and then they connect with others until an exponential network of mass is reached.  It takes time but eventually, if done right, it will work.  Most success comes after 90 days of active marketing since that is the time required to properly build a network of loyal fans, followers and interactions.

5.       Social Marketing is a NEW thing only used by kids – Internet Builder Consulting began marketing on social networks in 2007 and began teaching classes on Social Marketing with SEO in 2008 while today over 800 MILLION people with an average age group of 25-40 year olds are the main audience.  Social Networking may be new to YOU but the majority of your potential buyers are already on social networks waiting for you to reach them!

6.         We have a website so why do we need Social Marketing?  A Strong Website is the foundation for all online marketing but not enough to reach the masses who may not even know your company, product or service exists.  The way to reach the masses is through a strong, well optimized, user-focused website that is marketed and linked from ALL of the top social networking websites.  Social Networking is built for ‘quick’, ‘short’ messages (Twitter is limited to 144 characters since that was the length of a standard text message from a cell phone) thus social marketing should typically be short, concise and to the point of transitioning online browsers to make a buying decision such as visiting your website, signing up for an offer or making a phone call.  The website is only the start of an overall Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Social Marketing IS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – marketing companies do not seem to comprehend how Search Engines work since most are ignoring the significant effect of social networks on SEO.  The # 1 Ranking Algorithm used by Google today is SOCIAL NETWORKING and having multiple social networking locations setup will ensure your company shows up multiple times on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing.  

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>Americans Are Doing More Search Engine Queries & Yahoo/Microsoft Gain 31%

>Internet Users in the US conducted more search queries in March 2011 than they did in either the prior month or prior year, according to new comScore qSearch data. In March 2011, US web users conducted almost 18.9 billion search queries, up 12% from 16.9 billion in February 2011 and about 23% from 15.4 billion in March 2010.

Yahoo & Microsoft Gain 31% in Search Queries

Among US core search providers, Google sites ranked first with 12.1 billion searches, followed by Yahoo sites with 3.4 billion and Microsoft sites with 2.6 billion. Google’s search total was up 10% month over month from 10.9 billion and 21% from 10 billion year over year.

Yahoo posted very strong month over month growth of 17% from 2.9 billion searches and year over year growth of 31% from 2.6 billion. Microsoft reported 14% month over month growth from about 2.2 billion searches and also about 31% year over year growth from 1.8 billion.

As the number of Internet Users  and Search Queries continues to increase it is increasingly important to have an effective optimized website with a Social Marketing campaign in place.  Facebook now has more daily traffic than Google thus a website alone is only reaching half of your potential clients without effective, optimized Social Network Marketing.

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>Microsoft & Bing Search Engine Has the Largest Search Growth


Microsoft Sites, mostly representing the Bing search engine, reported 13% growth in US explicit core search queries between December 2010 and January 2011, according to comScore qSearch data. Microsoft’s explicit core search queries rose from about 1.97 billion to about 2.22 billion.
Nearly 17 billion explicit core searches were conducted in January 2011, a 3% increase from over 16.4 billion in December 2010. Google Sites ranked first with 11.1 billion searches (up 1%).
Yahoo Sites came in second with 2.7 billion (up 4%), followed by Microsoft Sites, Ask Network with 576 million (no change) and AOL Network with 296 million (5% decrease).
Google Sites accounted for 64.6% of total core search queries conducted in January 2011, followed by Yahoo Sites with 17.9% and Microsoft Sites with 12.8%. Rounding out the top five total core search query providers, Ask Network comprised 3.1% of total search queries, followed by AOL Network with 1.6%.

While all total core search query growth among the top five providers was moderate at best, Microsoft had the best rate, almost 7%, rising from 12% to 12.8%. In contrast, Google’s share grew by less than 1% (64.3% to 64.6%). Yahoo lost about 5% of its share (falling from 18.8% to 17.9%), and AOL lost small share percentages.

It is important to track search engine traffic, usage and trends to know where potential customers and buyers are looking online.  To effectively search engine optimize a website and market website companies must stay ahead of the trends and place customers in front of potential buyers.  At Internet Builder Consulting our Search Engine Experts have led the way in SEO, Social Marketing and Website Development since 1995 with more than a decade of instructing classes on the subjects nationally.

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Bing Search Engine is Now # 2 Ahead of Yahoo While Google Remains # 1

In August 2010, MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search overtook Yahoo as the number two search engine in the US for the first time, according to new data from The Nielsen Company.

Bing Search Share Rose 30% from 2009

MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search held a 13.9% share of US searches in August 2010, narrowly beating Yahoo, which slipped to third place with a 13.1% share.

However, looking back to July 2009 gives a fuller picture of the divergent paths being taken by MSN/Windows Live/Bing Search and Yahoo. While Bing increased its US search share by an impressive 30% from 10.7% between July 2009 and July 2010, Yahoo decreased its share by a substantial 18% from 16%.

Google is Still #1

While longtime leading US search engine Google is no doubt paying close attention to Bing’s fast ascent since its June 2009 launch, Google still dominates the US search market by a comfortable market.
Google held 65.1% search share in August 2010, up 1% both month-over-month and year-over-year. It is also worth noting that Microsoft Bing officially started powering part of Yahoo searches starting in August 24, 2010. If Bing-powered search in August were combined pro-forma, it would represent a 26% share of search.
On a year-over-year basis, significantly increased its search share growth rate while AOL experienced a substantial negative growth rate, but both providers still only account for about 2% of the total US search market each.
Bing Makes July Inroads

Google lost slight monthly US search market share to Bing in July 2010, according to recent data from Compete. Google maintained its dominant hold on the US online search market in July 2010 with 10.46 million queries, good for 72.9% of 14.34 million total queries. While this marked a 0.6% year-over-year improvement from 72.5% in July 2009, it was a 1.1% month-over-month decline from 73.8% in June 2010.

Third-ranked Microsoft (which primarily reflects the Bing engine) appears to have stolen some of Google’s monthly traffic. Bing recorded 1.52 million queries in July 2010, earning 10.6% market share. This was a 3.1% month-over month improvement from 10.3% share in June 2010 and more impressively, a 21.1% year-over-year improvement from 8.7% market share in July 2009.
Second-ranked Yahoo appears to have lost yearly share to Bing, although its monthly share increased. Yahoo reported 1.87 million queries in July 2010, 13.1% of the total market. Yahoo’s share rose 3% from 12.7% in June 2010 but fell 16.8% from 15.7% in July 2009.

It is time to start looking at Microsoft as a player in the search engine forum once again with adjustments made to Pay Per Click and SEO campaigns to focus on Google, Bing and Yahoo. 

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