Google Requires Mobile Friendly Websites to Rank Higher in Search Engine Search Results

As of Tuesday April 21st 2015 Google is going to rank websites built ‘mobile friendly’ structure outlined by Google in April 2014 higher for online shoppers.  This means that if you have an older website (usually more than 2 years old) that is not built to the new Google standards then you will start to slip down in search engine search results as other mobile friendly websites rank higher.

Google SEO
Google SEO

Google announced online: “Today’s the day we begin globally rolling out our mobile-friendly update,” Google said in a blog post Tuesday. “Now searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.”

This change is due to the fact that nearly 60% of all online traffic starts on mobile devices and 46% of actual buyers are using mobile devices.  Google has the clout and power to significantly affect the success or failure of companies who rely on traffic from search engines.  For years we have been explaining to client’s that Google products such as Blogger are preferred to competing software such as WordPress or the value of Google+ for online marketing.  This was clearly illustrated by the European Union filing against Google for ranking Google owned products and tools above competitors.

The best move for your business is to start work on a new website built in the Google friendly structure so you can reach more buyers and sell more online.  Even the best websites have to be rebuilt and redesigned at some point.  Utilize the content, images, look/feel of your current website for consistent branding while having a new custom website built to keep on top of Google search results.  If you would like a no-cost expert consultation on getting your website Google-friendly to remain in front of the competition contact the Internet Experts at or connect with us on Facebook for tips, tools and expert examples of success.

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The Importance of Google Maps & Google Local Business

With the expanded use of Smartphones buyers are now using their cell phone to locate companies, products and services.  When a website is built it is not complete without SEO and Social Marketing which includes setup of a Google account and Google Local Business which feeds content to the Google Maps system. 

Consider a driver who has a flat tire on the side of the road who uses a smartphone to locate the closest roadside assistance company.  When we built the Almighty Tow Service website we also built specific targeted websites with multiple ‘locations’ to reach mobile browsers including Almighty Roadside Assistance which we setup as a seperate business on Google.  The website is ranked # 1 on Google for the target search of ‘Johnson County Roadside Assistance’ and a dozen other similar terms and shows up on Google Maps for mobile browsers using smartphones. 

Other local towing and roadside assistance companies (larger and smaller) are paying for ads while Almighty Tow has the # 1 spot online and on smartphones.

The importance of Google Local Business extends to other companies from home builders to places to eat since Google Map results are often placed in Google Search Results.  If a company wants to show up in multiple map search results they MUST have multiple locations (addresses) for Google to consider it. 
A recent Pew Internet study shows 74% of all smartphone users are using their phones for location based services making the Google Local Business and Google Maps submissions a requirement for any company today. 

Contact the website, SEO and social marketing experts at Internet Builder Consulting today to get your website, company, products and services on Google or feel free to call for a free expert consultation 816-842-7774.

>Android Mobile OS has 54% of Smart Phone Usage

>In the first quarter of 2011 devices running the Android mobile OS had 54% of the total mobile market impressions.  Google Android had twice as many impressions as the second place Apple iOS (iPhone Operating System) with 26% followed by RIM Blackberry at 17%. 

Windows Mobile OS phones ranked significantly lower tied with the Symbian  and Other category at 1%.

The latest numbers continue to illustrate the tremendous gains Android made in the market strengthening it’s place as the leading mobile OS.  It is important to track mobile OS usage to ensure online marketing, PPC  and your mobile website are optimized for the widest audience (Android, iOS and RIM). 

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>Women & Teenagers Text Significantly More than Men & Other Age Groups

>Nielsen Company data from Q4 2010 shows women send and receive an average of 30% more text messages (717 for women, 552 for men) and 12% more calls made (181 calls for women and 161 calls for men).  No surprise the ‘teenage’ group of 13-17 year olds lead the way in texts with an average monthly volume of 3,276 messages sent or received in a single month. 

Teens use of text messaging is nearly double the next highest age group of 18-24 year old users.  Older adults (age 65 and older) send the least with an average of 46 messages per month.  In terms of cell phone calls Adults age 18-24 are nearly tied for usage with 24-34 year olds at 202 and 201 calls per month respectively.  The trends show teenage usage of technology continues to improve while it may contribute to lower ‘satisfaction’ in terms of personal communication. 
This also illustrates the importance of SMS advertising and mobile websites for businesses wanting to reach millions of users via cell phones.  Contact Internet Builder Consulting for an expert mobile website consultation, SEO or Social Network Marketing.
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>Facebook Changes…Again – No ‘Comment Button’ and New Options

>Facebook is constantly in flux, if you have seen ‘The Social Network’ it illustrated how the website has teams of people constantly revising, adding or removing options.  Today everyone awoke to the loss of the ‘Comment’ button required to post any comment, note or link to facebook. 

The ‘Comment’ button was removed to make facebook simpler though thousands of people are accidentally posting messages early because they hit the ‘enter’ button to space down but it now posts the message.  Facebook gave users a work around for this enabling people to ‘edit’ posts and comments though it will take some getting used to for many users.  Until this change Facebook Users could push the ‘enter’ button to move a line down when posting a comment or add a space between lines.  To space down a line users now need to hold the ‘Shift’ button down while pushing the ‘Enter’ button.

Another feature added earlier this month is the ‘Use Facebook asYour Page’ option enabling anyone who is an administrator of a page to post comments on pages or walls.  Previously there was no clear delineation as to if your post would be made as a page or from your personal account when you were logged in. 

Not all change makes things easier though this methodology has been the norm online for years so it will soon be accepted by Facebook users.  Contact the website and social marketing experts at Internet Builder Consulting to setup, optimize or build you a better website and social media marketing.

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>Google Android is the Top New Smartphone Platform Mobile Applications

>The Google Android smartphone platform has surpasses the iPhone and all other smartphone platforms such as Windows Mobile, PALM and Symbian in little more than 1 year.  Growth rates are expected to continue with 29% of the application developers planning on development for Android compared to only 8% developing for the iPhone. 

RIM Blackberry still holds the top percentage of overall users with a 12 year head start on the Android platform.  Numbers from the latest Nielson report show 28% of users planning on upgrading to a smartphone are likely to select Android while only 13% prefer the RIM Blackberry.  The demand for Android applications and significant growth in user base is something website developers need to address for mobile websites and smartphone use.  Internet Builder Consulting mobile websites are 100% Android compatible making them future-ready for any customer planning on reaching the significant number of mobile users.
Contact the mobile website developers at Internet Builder Consulting for an upgrade to your website or a new mobile website to reach millions of smartphone users today!
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