Snapchat Photos, Videos, Chat and Video Calls – Learn the Basics

Snapchat is a simple FREE app for iPhones, Android mobile devices that takes photos or videos for sharing with friends or associates.  The photos and videos include options to place a short ‘title’ of 31 characters on the screen for whomever you send your message to view as they see the photo or video.  The appeal of Snapchat is that it will disappear after a few seconds so it’s perfect to send quick message, photo or video.

Snapchat defaults to a camera or video capture of YOU from your front facing camera (the same side as your screen) but you can change it to capture photos and video of others with the rear camera by touching the small icon at the top right of the screen which will rotate from front to rear camera and back again each time you touch the icon.

Touch the top right icon to rotate to the rear camera

To take a photo simply touch and remove your finger from the circle at the bottom of the screen.  To take a video touch the circle and hold your finger on it while recording the video and remove your finger when done recording.  It also records audio so you can narrate your video, share a quick message or just say ‘hi’ along with the video message.

Touch the circle for a photo – Hold your finger on the circle to record a video

Once you have created your Snapchat masterpiece there are options to adjust how long the photo or video message may be viewed by touching the small number you will see in the lower left side of the screen.  If the number says 3 it means your message will be visable for 3 seconds, touch the number and select up to 10 seconds for the viewing of a photo while any video will play for the entire length of whatever you recorded.

Adjust viewing time allowed by touching the ‘number’ and save your Snap for later by selecting the ‘down arrow’ icon

Snapchat does not let you send photos or videos from your camera that were not taken through Snapchat.  There are 3rd party applications but most of those have been disabled or may get you kicked off Snapchat if they catch you using them so if you want to send a photo or video later you must record it and ‘Save your Snap’ in ‘Stories’ which also creates a folder on the camera specifically for Snapchat captures.

You can create a ‘Story’ by saving multiple Snaps then ‘add Snap to Story’ which enables users to view the Story for up to 24 hours. This is helpful for instructional videos for clients, How To messages and productivity outside of just sending fun Snaps to friends or family.

Save Snaps to create a Story with multiple photos or videos

The Chat feature in Snapchat is found by ‘swiping’ to the right (touch the screen with your finger and hold it down while moving it to the right) from the main screen then selecting the contact you want to send a message to.  Chat works similar to regular text messages including the option to add photos or video in the exact same method as you do for a regular Snap with the unique option to add a photo from your cell phone photo gallery.

Snapchat can be helpful for business communications although the majority of users are sharing thoughts, comments, amusing or random messages just for entertainment.  It’s worth installing the free app since Snapchat continues to grow and it’s one of the top used ‘social networks’ by the 30 and under Millennials age range.

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Listen and Understand to Succeed

No matter what type of business you are in or what your role within the business the most important thing you can do to succeed is to listen better. There is little in life more frustrating than being forced to explain something multiple times because someone was not listening or did not take the time to understand what was being communicated.

I had a recent appointment to have new tires put on a company vehicle and spent the first 20minutes trying to explain to the shop that I needed 17 inch tires put on the car instead of the 15 inch tires they were trying to sell me. The clerk was quick to explain that the computer shows 15 inch tires are right for the model and year of the car. The car did come with 15 inch rims and tires that were taken off and replaced with 17 inch after market rims over two years ago.

The tire shop clerk was trained to go by what the computer said, but not to listen to the customer of what to do when the computer was wrong. After the shop finally seemed to understand that the car needed 17″ tires they took the keys, filled out a form and asked that I wait an estimated 45 minutes for the work to be completed. After close to an hour the poor shop clerk came back explaining that they were unable to install 17 inch tires because the computer says 15 inch tires are what should be installed so if they put on any other size tire the company could be liable for lawsuits.

That seems like a stupid policy but I can accept whatever rules the shop comes up with but I will not accept wasting over an hour because nobody took the time to listen and understand. I will never go to that shop again, they have lost our business forever. Listening will increase sales, solidify customer loyalty, bring referrals, improves office communications and helps business succeed. Beyond listening is making sure you understand what is being requested or at the very least what the person is trying to accomplish. People do not always communicate well, sometimes what we hear is not what what the other person says.

The most important part of communication is truly understanding what the other person is really telling you. SLOW DOWN, repeat back what you believe the customer, co-worker or prospect is asking and be sure to over communicate whenever something is unclear. No matter what the problem there is a solution and that solution may simply be to understand what the other party is trying to share so you are able to provide the right solution.

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