How to Connect Facebook to Twitter for Automatic ‘Tweets’ from Facebook Posts on Profiles and Pages

Managing social networks is time consuming so it’s important to automate as much as you can based around where you are most comfortable.  If you use Facebook and have a Profile or Page for your company, product or service there is a fast, easy way to connect Facebook to Twitter so that whatever you post on Facebook will automatically be fed to your Twitter account.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account, go to and you will see every page and profile you manage with an option to ‘Link to Twitter’.


Step 2: Selecting the Link to Twitter option requires you to login to the Twitter account you wish to automatically publish Facebook posts to and then authorize the account access.

Step 3: Once you have authorized Facebook to post to your Twitter account you will be returned to Facebook to select which types of updates you want automatically posted to Twitter.

Once you have completed everything the Facebook Link to Twitter system will automatically reformat any post with a short URL that will link users to the Facebook post whenever it may be longer than the 144 characters Twitter permits.

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Instagram – The Latest Social Network is More Than Just a Photo Application

When Facebook purchased Instagram for 1 Billion Dollars many outside the online marketing industry wondered how in the world could a ‘photo sharing’ application be worth that much.  The answer is that Instagram is one of the fastest growing Social Networks which would have been a potential ‘competitor’ for Facebook thus it was worth buying to augment Facebook rather than compete with it.  The easy to use photo manipulation application offers a dozen different ‘filters’ that modify the look and feel of a photo in seconds.

Instagram only works on an iPhone, iPod (iTunes) or Android phone (Google Play Store), there is no ‘website’ to visit like Facebook although it is being used by teens and young adults to communicate like Facebook.  Users in Instagram can ‘comment’, ‘like’ and communicate with other users.  Photos from Instagram are easily integrated with Facebook and Google+ so images taken on mobile devices are instantly shared.  If you have not yet heard of or tried Instagram I suggest you check it out along with Pinterest

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Sales & Lead Generation Success with Social Marketing, Social Networking

A recent business survey reported 39% of business to business (B2B) marketers are generating leads from Facebook, and 19% generated sales from Facebook.  Business to Consumer (B2C) marketers have higher success with Facebook at 67% generating leads and 39% generating sales.

The numbers reverse on the professional oriented LinkedIn with data from the August “State of Digital Marketing 2012 Report” showing 44% of Business to Business marketers generating leads on LinkedIn and 23% generate sales.  The numbers are lower at 21% of Business to Consumer companies generating leads from LinkedIn and 9% generating sales.

Business to Consumer lead generation on Twitter is a far larger source of leads than LinkedIn with 43%,  Google+ is 15% and Pinterest lead generation is 13%.  In terms of sales the order is the same: Facebook generates 30% of sales, Twitter at 19% followed by LinkedIn at 9%, Google+ at 7% and Pinterest  generated 6% of sales generated.

An aspect of Social Marketing many companies overlook is the engagement with 90% of businesses reporting some type of engagement on social networks.  Engagement is the interaction between potential, current and past customers on social networks.  The higher the engagement rates (people who click LIKE or SHARE or COMMENT on posts) increases rankings for websites, spreads the message, brand or product to a exponentially larger audience and increases the rates of lead and sales generation.

Social Marketing is not going away, companies not activly marketing through social networks are losing out on hundreds of millions of potential buyers, sales and branding.  If your business needs an expert to build the best Social Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or websites contact the Internet Experts at Internet Builder Consulting 816-842-7774 for a professional consultation.

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Social Networking Reputation Risks and Online Reputation Management Success

Social networks present enormous branding and marketing opportunities, but they also present significant risks to business reputations.  A company page or business profile on Facebook setup and properly optimized will drive traffic to company websites, products and services.  The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results of this are incredible although companies often neglect to understand the potential risks posed from a ‘public’ forum.  Facebook, Blogs, Yelp and other interactive websites enable anyone to share experiences  opinions, ideas and feedback which needs to be monitored daily.  The example below is only one of the dozens of ‘sales’ and new business received from Facebook where people will often post requests for contacting them about a new website, SEO or social marketing.  This referral made late Wednesday evening on Facebook became a new customer early Thursday morning.  In addition to the new customer it adds creditably when others see public recommendations for your company, products or services!

Best case scenario social networking will expand the reach of a brand, product or service though multiple online locations similar to having a billboard on every major highway in the city.  Worst case, if social networking is not managed and monitored properly, a disgruntled customer or former employee may cause harm through negative, false or misleading posts.  No company will make every customer completely happy 100% of the time, mistakes happen, people have bad days and sometimes there are just difficult people who choose to be unhappy no matter what.  The best way to combat this is constant daily management of all social media marketing to immediately address any issues as an opportunity to improve customer satisfaction.

Someone who may have had a bad experience can give you the opportunity to correct that or at least empathize through social networking.  If there was a misunderstanding it can be cleared up quickly similar to a recent experience I had with Aristocrat Motors over my Jaguar service.  I left a review for Aristocrat Motors on pertaining to a misdiagnosis of a problem and an unresolved issue with the service center.  A representative from Aristocrat motors monitored the online reviews for the company and contacted me with an offer to resolve the past issues which will bring me back to them as a customer.

Prior to the response from the company online I had shared with anyone who asked the bad experience recommending that nobody I know take a vehicle there.  Now I plan on going back to have the problem resolved and may bring future business back to the company rather than keeping friends, family and associates away.  The # 1 Ranking Algorithm Google Search Engine today is Facebook so any successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) MUST include social marketing. If you need a BETTER built website, SEO or Social Marketing for your business, product or service contact the Internet Experts at Internet Builder Consulting today for an expert consultation and results 816-842-7774.
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Google+ Releasing Vanity URL’s Finally Catching Up With Facebook & Twitter

Facebook and Twitter have offered vanity URLs for users and business pages for years yet Google+ has lacked this personalized feature.  Google’s social network announced August 13th 2012 that vanity URLs for profiles and pages are coming.  Google+ has already given out a few custom URLs for celebrities like  David Beckham, Britney Spears, and brand pages for Toyota, Honda, Southwest Airlines and GAP.

Google product manager Saurabh Sharma wrote in a blog post today:
Your Google+ profile is a place for you to share your passions with the millions of people who come to Google each day…Today we’re introducing custom URLs to make it even easier for people to find your profile on Google+. A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page on Google+.

Sharma wrote that at first just a few “verified profiles and pages” will get custom URLs, but eventually they will be offered to “many more” people and brands around the world.  The purpose of this is likely to keep people from capturing ‘desired’ URL’s with multiple accounts similar to what has happened on Facebook or Twitter.  Our company has and along with a dozen others we setup to ‘reserve’ unique vanity names tied to our business or clients.

A shorter, easier to remember or share Google+ URL is great news for Google and users since the current format to link to a user page, such as my own Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson profile, is which is much more complicated that my Facebook link   Look for Google+ custom URLs by end of the summer and be sure to reserve one for your individual profile and company page!   Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson
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Social Media Optimization (SMO) & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

All competent online marketing firm knows that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has expanded past the website or Search Engines alone.  A significant part of the Google ranking algorithm includes Social Networking and the interactions, connections, pages, profiles and content placed on social networks.  Since October 2009 the search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo) have been feeding and placing content from social networks like Facebook and Twitter into search results (what you see when you do a search).  As social networking usage overtook Google searches the importance of social marketing and social network optimization increased.

Facebook has more daily users than Google with 900 MILLION active users.  Google has attempted to recapture some of the lost traffic with Google+ with limited success feeding content from Google+ directly into the Google search results.  The chart below illustrates the importance of social networking and social marketing in Search Engine Optimization with Facebook shares remaining the # 1 importance followed by backlinks (links TO a website from other websites, Blog’s and online content).

It is not enough to just HAVE a Facebook profile or a Facebook page setup; they must be properly optimized, cross-linked, have enough unique interaction from multiple users and provide relevant content to be successful.   A Facebook page like is properly optimized with a Facebook Username (Internet Experts), proper page title outlining what type of service and business is provided (not just the business name) and targeted content related to the services, industry and business.  Each Facebook Page must be managed by a Facebook Profile which should be used in the same fashion thus is the primary profile associated where content is ‘related’ but not identical.

In terms of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the Links to Your Site (backlinks) report from Google Webmaster Tools illustrates how well or poor each website is doing.  An average website may have a few hundred links from other websites (anything less is poor) and a well marketed website may have several thousand.  The Google Webmaster Tools report below for our main company website lists 393,686 links to one of our websites (we maintain 132 of them for marketing) which is is a primary source of new business for our company.  Many of the top ranked, highest value links are from Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and even Craigslist.

The website is well optimized for search engines but that is only 1/2 of the battle today.  Social Marketing is an imperative part of any search engine success today.  Having a website is not enough – it must be professionally built, optimized and marketed on search engines, social networks and provide ongoing interactions to be successful.  For additional information, a no-charge expert consultation on websites, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Marketing or any other technical question contact the Internet Experts at Internet Builder Consulting 816-842-7774.

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Your attitude can make or break your success

When you walk into a store to buy something, what do you expect?
Most people expect to encounter someone friendly and helpful, to be served in a timely manner, to be given a fair value, to be presented with a good product and to be thanked — whether or not they make a purchase.

But typically, you get a mechanical welcome, with someone feebly asking, “Can I help you?” In some situations, you may encounter clerks who tell you what they can’t do for you, versus what they can do. They use the word “policy” in explaining why they can’t help you, and they seem unable to understand that just because the store is out of an item, that doesn’t mean you don’t still want it or need it. Or that you’ll go to a competitor to get it.
Many companies have multiple locations where the products are the same, but the service is not recognizable from place to place. One may be fantastic, while the other may be pathetic. Such inconsistency can make or break a business.
Companies spend millions of dollars on advertising, branding, merchandising and every other element of marketing. But if there are people involved in the business, marketing means nothing unless those people are great.
I often ask people in the working world, “How’s it going?” I get disappointing answers such as, “Just three hours to go.” Or “Thank goodness it’s Friday.”
What kind of statements are those? What does that tell you about what kind of employees they are?
When you go to a hotel, a $50 million business rests on the shoulders of the front-desk clerk. That’s the first impression you have. In a retail business, it’s no different. The advertising may get you to come into the store. But from there, it’s all about the retail clerk.
What is your company like? Do you have employees who hate their jobs? Do you have workers with an attitude?
Here’s what you can do:
1. Set the example by being your best and doing your best.
2. Hang around with the winners, not the whiners.
3. Create best service practices and have everyone implement them.
4. Conduct weekly, internal positive attitude training.
5. Look at the best companies in America for practices you can adapt and adopt.
6. Do your best at everything, every day.
6.5. Work on your own attitude.
Anything less than the best is unacceptable. But here’s the secret: Don’t do it for your company — do it for yourself.
Real winners are few and far between. And making yourself one is a choice.

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