Google Requires Mobile Friendly Websites to Rank Higher in Search Engine Search Results

As of Tuesday April 21st 2015 Google is going to rank websites built ‘mobile friendly’ structure outlined by Google in April 2014 higher for online shoppers.  This means that if you have an older website (usually more than 2 years old) that is not built to the new Google standards then you will start to slip down in search engine search results as other mobile friendly websites rank higher.

Google SEO
Google SEO

Google announced online: “Today’s the day we begin globally rolling out our mobile-friendly update,” Google said in a blog post Tuesday. “Now searchers can more easily find high-quality and relevant results where text is readable without tapping or zooming, tap targets are spaced appropriately, and the page avoids unplayable content or horizontal scrolling.”

This change is due to the fact that nearly 60% of all online traffic starts on mobile devices and 46% of actual buyers are using mobile devices.  Google has the clout and power to significantly affect the success or failure of companies who rely on traffic from search engines.  For years we have been explaining to client’s that Google products such as Blogger are preferred to competing software such as WordPress or the value of Google+ for online marketing.  This was clearly illustrated by the European Union filing against Google for ranking Google owned products and tools above competitors.

The best move for your business is to start work on a new website built in the Google friendly structure so you can reach more buyers and sell more online.  Even the best websites have to be rebuilt and redesigned at some point.  Utilize the content, images, look/feel of your current website for consistent branding while having a new custom website built to keep on top of Google search results.  If you would like a no-cost expert consultation on getting your website Google-friendly to remain in front of the competition contact the Internet Experts at or connect with us on Facebook for tips, tools and expert examples of success.

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How to Connect Facebook to Twitter for Automatic ‘Tweets’ from Facebook Posts on Profiles and Pages

Managing social networks is time consuming so it’s important to automate as much as you can based around where you are most comfortable.  If you use Facebook and have a Profile or Page for your company, product or service there is a fast, easy way to connect Facebook to Twitter so that whatever you post on Facebook will automatically be fed to your Twitter account.

Step 1: Login to your Facebook account, go to and you will see every page and profile you manage with an option to ‘Link to Twitter’.


Step 2: Selecting the Link to Twitter option requires you to login to the Twitter account you wish to automatically publish Facebook posts to and then authorize the account access.

Step 3: Once you have authorized Facebook to post to your Twitter account you will be returned to Facebook to select which types of updates you want automatically posted to Twitter.

Once you have completed everything the Facebook Link to Twitter system will automatically reformat any post with a short URL that will link users to the Facebook post whenever it may be longer than the 144 characters Twitter permits.

Need Social Networking setup, optimization, marketing and training?  Contact the Internet Experts at Internet Builder Consulting 816-842-7774 for a free professional consultation and complete packages from only $350!

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Robert Dotcom Jackson and Internet Builder Consulting Honored by the Mayor

Robert Dotcom Jackson of Internet Builder Consulting speaking at City Hall
Robert Dotcom Jackson of Internet Builder Consulting speaking at City Hall

It’s easy to win an award for doing a nice website since there are thousands of companies who offer awards for paid entries each month. A unique recognition is that of being honored by The City of Kansas City and the Mayor of Kansas City at City Hall for Outstanding Work and an Outstanding Small Business (under 50 people). Internet Builder Consulting and Robert Dotcom Jackson were invited to City Hall to receive the award, meet with the Mayor, City Council and was later featured on NBC News for innovative business success. Check out the video of Internet Builder Consulting and Robert Dotcom Jackson speaking at City Hall from the City of Kansas City news station channel 2

Social Networking, Social Media Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Misconceptions & Myths

The largest misconceptions for Social Marketing and SEO are widely accepted, incorrectly, in terms of how marketers and the end users see social networking. 
1.       More Likes Means More Business – a ‘Like’ or the number of likes on a business page has nothing to do with sales nor are all ‘likes’ created equal.  It is simple to create several hundred to thousands of ‘likes’ on a page yet without ongoing interaction, ‘shares’ of the content posted on the page and a strong call to action that leads to a website visit or a phone call, the likes are worthless.  The strength of a page on a social network is within the INTERACTIONS not the number of likes.

2.       Social Media Marketing is FREE or EASY – technically it is free to setup a profile and account on most of the major social networking sites but successfully optimizing and utilizing those accounts for marketing is not.  To be successful a BUSINESS profile needs to be setup, a business PAGE needs to be setup and properly names, links to other social networking feeds and then managed with a balance of MARKETING, INFORMATION, engaging content (questions, ideas, things that will bring people to provide feedback, comments and share what is posted with their friends) and the social networks need to be constantly updated.  This requires time, expertise and skill to create, market, manage, monitor and track the results. 

3.       If I don’t use a social network it is not important for me to market there – WRONG, there are plenty of people who do not use Facebook on a regular basis or have never been on Twitter but the fact remains that over 800 MILLION potential buyers are at every day.  Social Media Marketing is about utilizing ALL of the top social networking channels to reach all potential buyers, brand your business, product or service and control your online reputation.
4.       If You Post it They Will Come – this has been a fallacy of online marketing for years since the same applies with Websites in terms of ‘If You Build it They Will Come”.  If a social networking account, page or site is not setup properly, linked to other accounts, engaging, informative, interactive, humorous and managed properly it will not produce results.  Once an account and page is setup properly it takes time for success, consider it ‘multi level marketing’ where you start out with one user who connects to another and then they connect with others until an exponential network of mass is reached.  It takes time but eventually, if done right, it will work.  Most success comes after 90 days of active marketing since that is the time required to properly build a network of loyal fans, followers and interactions.

5.       Social Marketing is a NEW thing only used by kids – Internet Builder Consulting began marketing on social networks in 2007 and began teaching classes on Social Marketing with SEO in 2008 while today over 800 MILLION people with an average age group of 25-40 year olds are the main audience.  Social Networking may be new to YOU but the majority of your potential buyers are already on social networks waiting for you to reach them!

6.         We have a website so why do we need Social Marketing?  A Strong Website is the foundation for all online marketing but not enough to reach the masses who may not even know your company, product or service exists.  The way to reach the masses is through a strong, well optimized, user-focused website that is marketed and linked from ALL of the top social networking websites.  Social Networking is built for ‘quick’, ‘short’ messages (Twitter is limited to 144 characters since that was the length of a standard text message from a cell phone) thus social marketing should typically be short, concise and to the point of transitioning online browsers to make a buying decision such as visiting your website, signing up for an offer or making a phone call.  The website is only the start of an overall Online Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy.

Social Marketing IS Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – marketing companies do not seem to comprehend how Search Engines work since most are ignoring the significant effect of social networks on SEO.  The # 1 Ranking Algorithm used by Google today is SOCIAL NETWORKING and having multiple social networking locations setup will ensure your company shows up multiple times on Page 1 of Google, Yahoo and Bing.  

Contact the experts at Internet Builder Consulting for additional information on Social Marketing, SEO, Websites or a free consultation 816-842-7774.

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Google+ Releasing Vanity URL’s Finally Catching Up With Facebook & Twitter

Facebook and Twitter have offered vanity URLs for users and business pages for years yet Google+ has lacked this personalized feature.  Google’s social network announced August 13th 2012 that vanity URLs for profiles and pages are coming.  Google+ has already given out a few custom URLs for celebrities like  David Beckham, Britney Spears, and brand pages for Toyota, Honda, Southwest Airlines and GAP.

Google product manager Saurabh Sharma wrote in a blog post today:
Your Google+ profile is a place for you to share your passions with the millions of people who come to Google each day…Today we’re introducing custom URLs to make it even easier for people to find your profile on Google+. A custom URL is a short, easy to remember web address that links directly to your profile or page on Google+.

Sharma wrote that at first just a few “verified profiles and pages” will get custom URLs, but eventually they will be offered to “many more” people and brands around the world.  The purpose of this is likely to keep people from capturing ‘desired’ URL’s with multiple accounts similar to what has happened on Facebook or Twitter.  Our company has and along with a dozen others we setup to ‘reserve’ unique vanity names tied to our business or clients.

A shorter, easier to remember or share Google+ URL is great news for Google and users since the current format to link to a user page, such as my own Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson profile, is which is much more complicated that my Facebook link   Look for Google+ custom URLs by end of the summer and be sure to reserve one for your individual profile and company page!   Robert ‘Dot Com’ Jackson
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Google PageRank by DotCom

PageRank is basically a website popularity rating, and a websites PageRank is determined by the inbound links from other websiteson the internet. A PageRank can be as low zero (0) to as high as ten (10). Google’s algorithms determine a website’s PageRank by dividing the PageRank for each of the inbound linking webpage by the number of outbound links on each of those webpages, factoring in each page’s PageRank, and then summing the results for all inbound links.

PageRank is Similar to Voting

PageRank considers each link a ‘vote’ for the webpage linked to. But unlike the normal voting process of “one person equals one vote”, the Google algorithm considers the votes of webpages with “more” (PageRank or shares) to have a greater influence or value. a link from a webpage with a PageRank of 7 is more valuable than a link from a page of PageRank 3; exponentially more valuable as I will outline below

The 80/20 Rule Online

Because of the nature of the Internet, a small number of webpages have a tremendous number of inbound links, and a large number of webpages have few links. Those with more links get higher PageRank

The value of PageRank is on a logarithmic scale increasing exponentially. Assuming that the base PageRank of 1 has a value of five (5), the value of a webpage link would be this:


Hypothetically a website obtains a continuous link from Builder Consulting’s home page ( while the Builder Consulting home page contains about 70 outbound links and has a PageRank of seven (7).

There are a total of 50 other inbound links with the average PageRank for the webpages linking in is three (3) and those webpages have an average outbound link count of 10. From this, let’s calculate PageRank:

Builder Consulting’s Available PageRank per outbound link:
78,125 / 70 => 1,116

PageRank value contributed by 50 other sites:
125 * 50 / 10 => 625

Total PageRank value:
1,116 + 625 => 1,741

Looking it up in the table, the resulting PageRank for the home page is four (4)

The Three ‘P’s of Inbound Links for higher PageRank

As with the three ‘L’s of real estate, the three ‘P’s of inbound links are: PageRank, PageRank, PageRank! Note how in the above example the 50 inbound links of PageRank 3 offered less PageRank than the one (1) inbound link from with PageRank of 7.

Below is an example of what it would look like with base two (2) through ten (10)

Depending on the logarithmic base, PageRank fluctuates between four (4) and five (5) for this hypothetical example. However, starting with a logarithmic base of five (5) the one Builder Consulting link overpowers the 50 others! And because pages with a PageRank closer to 10 are listed higher in Google’s search engine results.

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Reaching Buyers Through the Internet

The real estate market today is slower than previous years and doing ‘the same old’ thing simply does not work. People are still buying homes, interest rates are low, housing prices are excellent and there ARE buyers out there. The media continues to portray doom and gloom for the real estate industry while many trying to sell a home are confused about what to do or how to reach those buyers currently looking for a home.

Buyers Use The Internet –

With the housing boom many website companies created ineffective websites and nobody noticed. Simply building the home was enough to sell it so builders, real estate companies, communities and the entire industry never had to analyze the effectiveness of their website. An example of this is Foxfield Village new home community in Olathe Kansas where two websites were developed by two seperate website companies for the different phases. Search online for Foxfield Village and you have the following results with # 1, # 3, # 4, # 7 top search results are all websites by Builder Consulting to market Robben Development townhomes in Foxfield Village:;_ylt=A0oGki90Fm9FPx0Agnml87UF?ei=UTF-8&fr=slv7-&fr2=sfp&p=foxfield+village

A website produced by another company for the same community does not show up AT ALL – even when searching for the community name. Having a properly developed and marketed website is far more important than simply having a website. If you build it they will NOT come, it still remains that Location Location Location is key even on the Internet.

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